Consumer financial health benefits everyone, which is why more businesses are making it an integral part of their strategy. The Financial Health Network can help you uncover valuable insights to serve your customers, employees, and communities both profitably and responsibly.

A Measurable Advantage

The Financial Health Network consulting team starts by understanding who you are as a business, your vision for where you want to go, and the challenges you and your customers face.

Industry-Leading Expertise: We are the premier authority on consumer financial health, with a proven track record of success with some of the nation’s most prominent and well-respected for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Customized Engagement: There is no single template for financial health solutions. That’s why we use targeted engagement to help organizations design customized solutions that fit the specific needs of their businesses, stakeholders, and goals.

Connected Market Opportunities: Through our Member base of leading organizations actively furthering financial health, we facilitate partnerships and collaborations that can help to launch new products and benefit your business.

Our Expertise

We draw on our customer insights, extensive research, and measurement strategies to craft tailored solutions that help make your vision a reality.

Financial Health Strategy

We’ll help you understand where you are on the financial health journey and where to go next, so you can develop a strategy to take financial health from a philanthropic exercise to a core business driver.

Customer Insights & Research

Through surveys, workshops, and custom research, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ financial lives and how you can improve their financial well-being.

Competitive Market & Landscape Analysis

Leveraging our network of industry heavyweights, startups, regulators, and thought leaders, we identify important trends and innovations, and connect you with partners who can accelerate your objectives.

Product Assessment & Development

We leverage our deep consumer and industry expertise to evaluate and test your product offerings, helping you design high-quality products and programs that differentiate you in the marketplace.

Measurement, Benchmarking & Evaluation Tools

As the pioneer of financial health measurement, the Financial Health Network’s experts can help you set goals and develop mechanisms to track your customers’ success and its impact on your business.

Go Further with Behavioral Insights

Understanding what makes your customers tick is the first step in helping them achieve their financial goals. The Financial Health Network’s behavioral insights practice offers a unique window into consumer decision-making, enabling businesses to translate rigorous research into real-world solutions that improve financial health.

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Our Clients


"The Financial Health Network was a valuable partner in product development. We used their insights as a core component of leading with the client in mind by understanding customer needs. competitor offerings, product economics, and potential customer outcomes. This led to the design of a compelling, client-centric product and an actionable targeting and messaging strategy."

Jason Rudman EVP of Consumer Payments and Digital Banking, KeyBank

"The Financial Health Network showed our Leadership Team and Board that many of our members are struggling financially – nearly half are not satisfied with their current financial situation and a third are living paycheck to paycheck. Based on our engagement, we are now looking at our product suite and assessing how well we are actually serving our members."

Erin Mendez CEO, Patelco Credit Union

“BECU pursued a product gap analysis with the Financial Health Network to better understand our product and service set through a financial health lens. The results sparked productive conversations about the products that we offer to our members and we’ve incorporated what we’ve learned into our roadmap for future offerings.”

Rachel Van Noord Director, Community Outreach, BECU

“The Financial Health Network provided immense value to our team by giving us a novel data capture method, giving us a new foundation to further propel our social mission. Through our deeper understanding of financial health, we can now develop new educational content and other solutions tailored to the diverse and evolving landscape of our markets.”

Shannon Yates Director of Data, Tala

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