Heidi Johnson


Heidi believes that a deep understanding of consumers’ motivations and preferences can illuminate a path for innovation that supports consumers in achieving their financial goals.

As Financial Health Network’s Director of Behavioral Economics, Heidi leads the organization’s work to leverage behavioral insights in the design and development of products that support consumers’ financial health. She works with a wide range of companies to incorporate consumer research and testing within their operational constraints, and conducts research that identifies solutions to the obstacles that consumers face in managing their finances.

Previously, Heidi lead a program of behavioral research at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where she collaborated with social scientists and regulatory attorneys to study innovative financial products and design policy. She also brings previous experience in program evaluation and experimental study design to her role at the Financial Health Network.

Heidi holds a Master’s of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School and a BA in Sociology from Colgate University. She enjoys cooking from scratch, collecting plants, and exploring architecture around the world. Heidi resides in Washington DC.