What Banks Need From Their Technology Stack to Support Consumer Financial Health
Despite having a wealth of customer data at their fingertips, many banks and credit unions are lagging behind fintechs in providing solutions to improve consumer financial health. Especially for small to mid-sized banks, a reliance on legacy technology “stacks” – and the vendors that provide them – is inhibiting innovation because of limited data analytics and integration capabilities. Here, we explore the current landscape and opportunities to help institutions overcome these barriers to power effective finhealth tools.

Laura Cummings, Director, Financial Health Network
Corey Stone, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Financial Health Network

Top Takeaways

In this report, we draw on interviews with more than three dozen banking professionals and secondary research to identify key challenges with today’s banking technology.

Savings apps, earmarking tools, and other financial health solutions rely on data analytics to make complex financial management easier – yet many banking technology systems make it difficult and costly to offer such tools.

Limited integration and analytics capabilities, along with high costs, mean legacy tools often act as barriers to innovation for small-to-mid-sized institutions.

New opportunities are emerging to help institutions access the data they need to stay competitive, including middleware solutions, data aggregators, and lowered barriers to third-party integrations.

Data Spotlight

Focusing on financial health can help institutions differentiate themselves and drive customer loyalty. To do so, institutions need banking technology that allows them to offer quality products that address changing customer needs.


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