Small Business

With 30 million small businesses in the U.S. employing nearly 60 million Americans, their financial health matters to all of us. Through our work, the Financial Health Network aims to increase the availability of high-quality, scalable, and sustainable solutions that help small businesses everywhere improve their financial health.

Understanding Small Business and Financial Health

In our work to date on small businesses, the Financial Health Network has uncovered several key findings:

  • Despite the importance of small businesses and the self-employed to the U.S. economy, the U.S. financial system is not built for them.

  • Starting and running a business is difficult, and it is even more difficult for entrepreneurs facing personal financial health challenges.

  • While credit access is essential for small businesses, it is only one part of their financial health.

Data Spotlight

Why Small Business Financial Health Matters to Providers

From cash flow to capital, daily financial challenges can overwhelm a struggling small business. With the right amount of investment, partnerships, and funding, however, providers can develop solutions that lead to better outcomes for small businesses and the people who depend on them.

How We Can Help

Our Small Business Financial Health framework is a starting point for understanding the financial challenges and opportunities for a wide range of small businesses. In addition, the Financial Health Network produces original insights, works directly with providers, and drives collaboration through our Small Business Working Group to address the financial health needs of small businesses.

Additional Research Topics

Financial health depends on a complex set of factors and circumstances. That’s why the Financial Health Network produces research in a variety of areas impacting our financial lives.