Hawaii Financial Health Pulse: 2019 Survey Results
The majority of Americans are struggling financially – and the everyday economic reality is similar for those who live and work in Hawaii. The Hawaii Financial Health Pulse offers an in-depth view of their financial struggles and coping strategies, along with potential solutions to improve financial health across Hawaii and the rest of the country.

Chandni Ohri
Trey Waters
Rob Levy
Necati Celik

Top Takeaways

The majority of people in Hawaii are struggling with one or more aspects of their financial lives:

Less than one in three people (31%) are Financially Healthy, nearly the same as the national figure (29%)

Aggregate financial health in Hawaii is similar to national levels, but differs across individual indicators, like spending and insurance coverage.

These financial challenges exist across different aspects of their financial lives, as they do for the rest of the country.

People in Hawaii are facing these challenges against the backdrop of volatile incomes and high living expenses.

Data Spotlight

Our research found that most people in Hawaii – 69% of adults, or more than 828,000 people – are struggling with their financial health. The overall picture is nearly identical to the national 2019 Pulse Trends Report, where 17% of respondents were Financially Vulnerable, 54% were Financially Coping, and 29% were Financially Healthy.



The Hawaii Financial Health Pulse, an initiative to better understand the financial health of Hawaii residents, is developed by the Financial Health Network in partnership with the Hawaii Community Foundation and the Hawaii Executive Collaborative CHANGE Initiatives. Sponsorship is provided by the Bank of Hawaii Foundation and the Omidyar Ohana Donor Advised Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.

The Financial Health Network partnered with Anthology Marketing Group, a Hawaii-based market research firm, to field the study. 

This report uses national-level data for comparison from the U.S. Financial Health Pulse®, a groundbreaking research initiative designed to shed light on the financial lives of Americans. Using a combination of consumer surveys and transactional data, the Pulse provides a regularly refreshed snapshot of the country’s financial health.