FinHealth MAP: Building a Business Strategy for Financial Health Impact
Achieving financial health impact doesn’t need to be a journey into the unknown. This report brings together four pillars of a financial health strategy into an actionable framework that can help your organization strengthen financial health impact for your customers, employees, and communities.

Marisa Walster, Senior Director, Financial Health Network
Nadia van de Walle, Director and Head of Impact, Financial Health Network
Darren Easton, Senior Director, Financial Health Network
Mark Feldman, Senior Director, Financial Health Network

Top Takeaways

Is your organization positioned to deliver positive financial health outcomes? By assessing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses across each of these four pillars, you can develop a roadmap to optimal financial health impact.

Becoming a Financial Health Business

Through the adoption of key activities integrated across the company’s functions, a company can develop to more advanced phases of maturity along each pillar.

  • Initiating: One or more functions is exploring investing in or developing a financial health strategy.
  • Mobilizing: Initiatives become bolder, and change agents seek broad executive engagement.
  • Integrating: The company systematically uses financial health as a basis for improving outcomes for people and the business.
  • Optimizing: Financial health becomes a way of doing business across all areas of the company.



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