Financial Health Solutions: Increasing Savings with a Choice at Onboarding
A Study with Even Responsible Finance

How can employers encourage workers to build their savings? Even, an employer-based earned-wage access platform, partnered with the Financial Health Leaders Lab to test the impact of presenting savings as an active choice during onboarding to its app. This study is part of a series highlighting Leaders Lab member innovations.

Andrew Dunn, Manager, Financial Health Network
Heidi Johnson, Director, Behavioral Economics, Financial Health Network

Top Takeaways

Even’s use of “active choice” messaging during the onboarding process – asking users whether they wanted to enroll in automatic savings – yielded positive outcomes.

Users who received the active choice messaging were more likely to engage in automatic savings than those who did not receive the messaging.

The number of users who saved via automatic paycheck withdrawals was 31% higher after eight months for those who were presented with an active choice compared to those who received no message.

Individuals who saw active choice messaging had 42% greater savings balances after eight months – $52 versus $36 for those who did not receive such messaging.

Data Spotlight

31% more people who saw the active choice messaging engaged in automatic savings than the comparison group eight months after onboarding (a difference of 5 percentage points).


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About the Financial Health Leaders Lab

The Financial Health Network helps companies incorporate behavioral science principles into their product design and rigorously test the financial health impact of their products. This research was conducted through the Financial Health Leaders Lab, a program available exclusively to Financial Health Network Members, which supports a select group of companies developing and testing innovations to improve financial health.

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