Case Study: Developing a Survey to Track Financial Health for Global Customers

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Tala is a mobile lender that uses a mobile app to underwrite consumer loans in real time using thousands of alternative data signals. Tala provides fast, personalized loans to millions of approved borrowers and helps customers build a digital credit history over time. 85% of its customers get credit in less than 10 minutes without any required collateral.

Financial Health Network Consulting Services helped Tala develop an easy-to-administer instrument, appropriate for a developing country, which it could use to track its customers’ financial health over time.

Read the full case study to learn about our approach.

"The Financial Health Network provided immense value to our team by giving us a novel data capture method, giving us a new foundation to further propel our social mission. Through a deeper understanding of financial health supported by the Financial Health Network, we can develop new educational content and other solutions tailored to the diverse and evolving landscape of our markets.”

Shannon Yates Director of Data, Tala
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