Consumer Profiles

Consumers are at the heart of our work for financial health. The Financial Health Network conducts in-depth analysis that sheds light on how to create better financial products for Americans who struggle financially. Through consumer profiles, case studies, and issue analysis, we highlight challenges, tactics, and behaviors consumers in America use to manage their day-to-day financial lives.

Exploring Consumer Segments and Financial Health

In our consumer Profiles research work to date, the Financial Health Network has uncovered several key findings:


  • Students' success is tied to financial health which is effected by the true cost of higher education, a student’s financial role in the household, citizenship status, and availability of supports.

  • 15% of people making less than $60,000 are Financially Healthy and 50% of people making at least $100,000 are either Financially Coping or Financially Vulnerable.

  • Unlike previous generations, the 50 million low- to moderate-income Americans over 50 face higher costs of living, rising debt, changing living situations, the disappearance of defined benefit pension plans, and increased reliance on Social Security.

  • People with disabilities are more likely than the general population to live in poverty.

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FinX is an experiential activity that provides participants with a deeper understanding of the complexity of consumers’ financial lives. The workshop is an opportunity for participants from all types of companies to learn about consumer financial challenges by going beyond classroom learning and becoming embedded in a real-life experience where they must make some of the same decisions struggling consumers face on a daily basis.

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Financial health depends on a complex set of factors and circumstances. That’s why the Financial Health Network produces research in a variety of areas impacting our financial lives.