Consumer Financial Health Research

Consumer research and insights into the financially underserved marketplace have long been central to CFSI’s work. It is part of the value we deliver to the financial services market.

Jennifer Tescher: Designing Best Treatments of #FinHealth

We asked over 700 attendees of the 2015 EMERGE Forum – people who create financial products for millions of Americans – to rate their own financial health.

View a video of Jennifer Tescher, President & CEO, talking about what financial health is and why it’s important.

To serve all consumers profitably and responsibly, we must understand the realities our customers face and what they want to achieve. CFSI’s Consumer Financial Health Study was designed to understand consumer financial health in America and to increase understanding of the interplay among indicators of financial health, consumers’ use of financial products and services, and consumers’ attitudes and preferences. The insights from the study help providers identify opportunities to improve the design and delivery of their products and services.

Our first extensive report was Understanding and Improving Consumer Financial Health in America, state of financial health in America. In it, we define seven consumer financial health segments based on a combination of behaviors and attitudes, offering an analysis that goes beyond income, age, education, or credit score.

CFSI built upon this foundational body of knowledge, releasing a series of publications with additional findings about the financial health segments and recommendations from the study.

Each year we raise awareness of the need for financial health and celebrate those who have joined along in this journey through #FinHealthMatters Day. Join us on June 27, 2017.

Consumer Financial Health Research