Behavioral Insights

Understanding what makes people tick is the first step in meeting their financial health needs. The emerging field of behavioral research offers unique insights into consumer decision-making, helping organizations design effective solutions to improve financial health. 

Behavioral Insights and Financial Health

There is a growing movement among financial service providers to apply behavioral insights to product design and delivery.

  • Applying behavioral research has resulted in high-impact financial products that address consumer needs effectively, through sometimes simple changes.

  • Early examples of success include 401(k) programs with auto-enrollment and auto-escalation features, which have generated an additional $30 billion in retirement savings for consumers in less than 15 years.

  • Behavioral insights offer a rigorous approach to measuring the financial health impact of products and services.

Leading with Behavioral Insights

Behavioral insights from the Financial Health Network drive the product development efforts for many of our Member companies through the Financial Health Leaders Lab, a program funded with the generous support of the MetLife Foundation.

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Why Behavioral Insights Matter to Providers

Behavioral biases faced by your customers, employees, and others can be a barrier to improving their financial health. Behavioral insights illuminate these barriers and translate rigorous research into real-world solutions to overcome them, enabling businesses to shape effective products and services that improve consumer financial health. 

How We Can Help

From designing and delivering financial health products to measuring and optimizing their effectiveness, the Financial Health Network can provide targeted support at every stage of your financial health journey. Leveraging deep financial services expertise and insight into how consumers make financial decisions, we partner with organizations to design solutions that meet the specific financial health needs of their stakeholders.

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