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From innovations that increase emergency savings to groundbreaking research on our daily financial habits, Financial Health Network partners with leading firms and institutions to work toward a financially healthier America.

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BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative

Saving and planning for the future can be difficult – if not impossible – for millions of Americans who experience income volatility and lack a savings cushion. Led by the Social Impact team at BlackRock, the Emergency Savings Initiative is investing $50 million to bring innovative savings tools to financially vulnerable consumers.

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U.S. Financial Health Pulse

The U.S. Financial Health Pulse is a groundbreaking research initiative about financial health in America. Using surveys and transactional data, the Pulse offers ongoing snapshots of how people in America manage their finances, along with actionable insights to improve financial health.

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Compass Principles

Our Compass Principles provide a framework for developing quality products and services to improve financial health.

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U.S. Financial Diaries

The U.S. Financial Diaries tracked 235 low- and moderate-income households over the course of a year to collect highly detailed data on how families manage their finances.

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Financial health depends on a complex set of factors and circumstances. That’s why Financial Health Network produces research in a variety of areas impacting our financial lives

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