Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic is threatening the financial health of our customers, employees and communities. We have compiled the data, solutions, and connections you need to take action on behalf of the most vulnerable.

A Call for Collective Action

“We want to help promote and magnify the efforts of others who are working hard to bring critical thinking and resources to our collective communities.”

– Jennifer Tescher, President and Chief Executive Officer

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COVID-19 Research and Resources

Cross-industry business leaders, employers, policymakers, and community leaders are facing unprecedented challenges navigating the impacts of coronavirus on their employees, customers, constituents, and the communities in which they live and work. In particular, financial services providers have a unique challenge and opportunity to help employees and customers navigate this new normal and protect their financial health.

The Financial Health Network has compiled research and resources with the data, context and information to help navigate the impacts of financial shocks to financial health. Check back often for updates.

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A Spotlight on Solutions

View solutions from industry leaders to help you navigate the potential organizational challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Financial services providers, in particular, can help their customers, employees and communities now by proactively monitoring and identifying their most financially vulnerable customers, and deploying high-quality solutions to address their needs.

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